Things used in this project

Hardware components:
Hologram Global IoT SIM Card
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Hologram Nova
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Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless
Or any other Raspberry Pi
A simple power bank is a great choice
Ublox Neo 7M GPS module
It might work with other GPS moduls, too (NMEA, UART communication)
Software apps and online services:
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Hologram Data Router
Hologram Python SDK
New google maps logo
Google Maps


The setup without the GPS module
You just put everything together as you can see on the image. Insulating the headers of the Raspberry Pi is useful but not required.
Img 20180103 232542 hwu98ilsvi
Wiring the GPS module
If your GPS module doesn't have az onboard voltage regulator then you have to use the 3.3V pin of the Raspberry Pi
Nevtelen neh7ytubsh
Connecting the GPS module
Red: VCC - 5V
Black: GND
Green: TX of the GPS module
Img 20180109 005637 hdr(1) q3jgfevn0y epwfux9cuh


Lost and Found script
This is the code that you have to run on your the Raspberry Pi to reproduce my project.


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