Things used in this project

Hardware components:
475267 240424 01 front zoom kankcmvqdh
Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless
Nova icon lijwm6pmk7
Hologram Nova
Hologram Global IoT SIM Card
Adafruit 12V Solenoid Valve
Or use preferred alternative
i2c Soil Moisture Sensor
12V DC Fluid Pump
Or use preferred pump
Rain Sensor
We upgraded this to a Seeed Studio Water Level Sensor more recently:
12002 04
Breadboard (generic)
Optional, or use solderable prototype board
Mfr 25frf52 10k sml
Resistor 10k ohm
Pull up resistors for i2c bus and a pull-down resistor for the Water Level Switcg
Texas Instruments ULN2003a
Darlington Array for the Solenoid Valves and DC Pump
12V 2A DC Power Supply
Or alternative based on your choice of DC pump / solenoids, make sure it can provide enough current
STMicroelectronics L78S05CV 5V Regulator
This is only used for the i2c Soil Moisture sensors (see in the story below). Or alternative - 2A is more than necessary for this project. Follow the datasheet for your chosen regulator, this one needs a 0.33µF tantalum at input, and recommends a 0.1µF ceramic at output
Software apps and online services:
ThingSpeak API
Hand tools and fabrication machines:
3D Printer (generic)
Optional, for water distribution parts, tube adaptors etc.
Laser cutter (generic)
Optional, we made our planter from laser cut acrylic
09507 01
Soldering iron (generic)
Also, general soldering tools, wire strippers, micro side cutters, solder, etc
Digital Multi Meter
Optional, recommended for testing connections and supply

Custom parts and enclosures

Planter laser cut files
Includes all of the planter files to laser cut
3 Way Pipe Splitter
1 to 3 way pipe splitter for 8mm (inside diameter) pipe
Triple Pipe Clip
A clip that mounts on the side of the planter (5mm acrylic) and can be used to distribute 3 11mm pipes
Double Pipe Clip
A clip that mounts on the side of the planter (5mm acrylic) that can be used to distribute 2 11mm pipes
Single Pipe Clip
A clip that mounts on the side of the planter for distributing a single 11mm pipe
Reservoir Pipe Clip
A clip that mounts on the side of the reservoir so a 11mm pipe can source water
Water Level Switch Reservoir Clip
A clip on mount for the Water Level Switch
1/2" NPS to 8mm (inside diameter) tube adaptor
A pipe adaptor for the Adafruit Solenoid Valve - use teflon tape for a good seal
Corner Clip
A corner clip to support and strengthen the planter structure
Planter CAD files


Complete Schematic
All of the electronics for the project
Schematicv3 escqv7790d


This repository contains all of the python code required for the project


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Aidan Richard Taylor
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Tinkerer-lecturer-technician-researcher-musician from South Wales, UK. I run an electronics and programming lab at Cardiff Met University
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Tom Campbell
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Masters student at Cardiff Metropolitan University, studying Advanced Product Design
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